This relationship
Makes me feel more dead than alive
I'm sick of your two-timing
Quick separation, sever the ties

These bonds that we have
Makes me feel cold from deep inside
Your heart doesn't care when I'm down
Love is a fallacy, let it fucking die

I'm letting go
From what was supposed to matter to me
But every touch and every hold of you
Infects me with your malicious disease
I will let go
Better than be stuck with you in this hell
I will let go
And find something else

This life when we were together
Was nothing but a burden, a total waste of time
When I go, you will not drag me back into the horrid past
Face it my dear, you were merely a parasite

I'm letting go now
Your faith in a bodybag
Your love now nonexistent

Holding hands with imminent death
This is not for me‚Äč

Had the idea of me going through several computer mice over the last eight years in mind... yeah, not the first time I wrote something quite dramatic based on something so small and mundane.