Touch me

Ancient texts
The coming of souls
Weary in anticipation
Finale taste in my release
Painted in times of gray
Stained night gives way
Fierce frenzy of the starlings
Spattering the belly of morning
Eat the saturation of lament
No fat on my toast
The walk to expulsion
Fruitless home of wasted words
Blue eyes horizon
sterile and disconnected
The old orchard school
Bow your head in laughter
Glorious arial alphabet
Written five miles away
Driven crazy from thirst
Hot air balloons burn along
Midwest flat with farm
There, mountains are mansions
Paula you hear me?
Fading and fast
I have fallen for Brie
I have taken the knee
She holds my probation
Evaluation mandated
My release from embaresment
She holds the key
All or none of thee above
Can and will never again
Touch me

The second