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Please Let Me Die

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  • DepressingPoem
    commented on 's reply
    My man got bars zamn

  • BossChristoph
    Breathe last breath of fresh abreast your blessed.
    Swept up then crept down kept around the wretched.
    Pledge reverent prospective found among dead Elvis'.
    Hell's elves dredge wells as Bells belch out devil pelvis'

    ​​​​​​Evidently your foul soul fell down instead of flying higher.
    Hence the demons and surrounding lakes of mire fire
    Your deepest desires expired simultaneous in final hour
    Now its time for your coward Ass to get power devoured!

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  • DepressingPoem
    started a topic Please Let Me Die

    Please Let Me Die

    Persephone hold me lest I break into three
    lost as a soul , as a mind, and a star
    eternities pass and I wither away
    and as I wither so to will we see
    a soul still in hell, mind amiss, and mere char
    end to beginning still in existence Is dismay

    let me parish let me fade
    eternal life as of so far
    takes the sanity from under me
    make me then for just a day
    euphoric and joyful a break from the shade

    delusion in my last moments before consciousness fades
    Incapable of speech of thought of pain
    eternal I may be but dead none the less