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The Last Of You

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    A certain depth of bitterness covers over what sounds to be the end of a bad a cleansing...leaving room for freedom and brighter days, real or metaphorical.

    I always appreciate poetry which tells truth and also points me to possibility.

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  • Bry89
    started a topic The Last Of You

    The Last Of You

    After all that we went through
    The blood that boiled
    And all over me

    So this is the long farewell
    You'll receive no thanks from me
    Tonight is where I'm free

    You were a living nightmare
    That I couldn't wake from
    Why should I cry over you now?

    The final call, the ship set to sail
    I'll watch you vanish into the distance
    Without a sound

    When all has settled
    And there lies the ashes
    Of burnt down memories

    Face it, you were a burden to me
    A sinner that never spoke the truth
    So when you're finally out of my sight
    I'll be glad to see the last of you

    No goodbyes
    Just the resentment
    No celebration
    Just the bitterness
    That cruel reality
    Your great legacy​

    After the time that you go
    You'll be best forgotten
    I won't miss you

    Face it, you made me what I've become today
    A soul bereft of emotion, only this pain
    Begone with you