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  • Disorder

    I will come into your life
    And make you mine
    I will run around screaming
    Just to ensure you're listening
    I will make these demands
    Who I am, you don't understand
    I will rule and dominate
    Until you can't take it anymore
    But I will not be ignored

    I am your pain
    I am your sorrow
    I am your new depression
    I am disorder

    I am torture
    I am insanity
    I am your new depression
    I am what your god has made me

    I was born from the evil wishes
    Of your dying god
    I will take over your little pathetic life
    All happiness erased
    All freedom is gone‚Äč

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    Definitely well-titled, Bry89! The threatening tone of this speaks chaos and darkness. Your capture of that mood was spot-on!


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks very much... but I've got to tell you I've had an unruly child with challenging behaviour in mind ;P

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    Oh man...I've lived those days and can relate! We want strong-willed children, so they can be positive and useful forces in the world when grown adults...but living through the formation stage is its own challenge!