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Altered Perception

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Lots of truth(s) evoked in this one.

    My first impression of your works always pins to the darkness...but for some reason also ignites opposing virtues (light, possibility, freedom) in equal measure by the time I've finished or read through a few times.

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  • Bry89
    started a topic Altered Perception

    Altered Perception

    Altered perception
    The shadows move away
    Their faces fall, their eyes darken
    It never had to be this way

    The crime of the century
    My enemy taken down
    But now I've done something else
    I slowly melt to the ground

    I did what a voice told me to do
    And though I may have sought victory
    But I also made the sacrifice
    While the hate may lie dead
    I have another battle to face
    A mental fight with those I once trusted
    A mental fight with a potential dark life

    One shot at sweet revenge
    Can create a new world of hell
    See my whole life turn upside down
    This won't end well​

    This is based on the fact that one's perception of you would change if you say or do something that they may not approve of (and committing a crime in front of them is a fine example I had in my head, or in a milder context spurting out an unpopular opinion).