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Pain And Suffering

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  • Pain And Suffering

    Your trauma, your tears
    I will hear you
    Your anguish, your pain
    I will comfort you

    Your trauma, your scars
    Now I can't hear you
    Your anguish, your pain
    Now I can't release you
    You're on your own

    The evidence of pain
    It's not enough
    The long story of pain and anguish
    It's not enough
    You're on your own​

    The title relates to the legal term, although I've only heard it several times on Judge Judy (and most times cases of it are dismissed, sadly).

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    I think that's because pain and suffering are subjective realities - at least the degrees and manner in which they are experienced by individuals. I'm not saying they don't exist, but unless you're really tuned into another person, you could totally miss the reality they try to relate. Sometimes it's tough to remain engaged when you don't understand. I think you captured that sentiment quite well here.