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  • Negativity

    My mind
    Is swirling endlessly with these pictures
    So dark and disturbing
    They keep me awake at night

    These thoughts
    Will always stay with me until I die
    The countless days of what had went wrong
    Never the happiness

    Of a million memories that I hold
    Of this confusing, unfair reality
    I can only remember the darkest of times
    I only recall the negativity

    This life
    The time where I'm supposed to live it free
    But instead the pain and anger take control of me
    All my life, I've been denied of joy​

    This entry is based on the fact that people are more likely to recall negative events more than positive ones, according to this (although I actually learnt this from one of my classmates at college).

  • #2
    I see your point. I've also been blessed to know people who fought and fought against this tendency, eventually replacing the negative with positive. It seemed totally worth the fight for them, so I've attempted to emulate it for myself. Sometimes it's just a right choice, repeated often enough, that sticks and changes the path ahead for the better.