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  • Destroy The Future

    You had success
    You had it all
    Until the light now fades
    And it's all your fault

    You've now prostituted
    Everything that you had
    Now life's an empty ruin
    Were you naive? Were you mad?

    You had the joy
    To get what you want
    Until there comes darkness
    All hope is gone

    You had the opportunity
    And now you've wasted it all away
    For no reason whatsoever
    What made you think this way?
    What made you become this way?

    Live through this life
    Towards nothing
    Destroy the future
    Enjoying nothing

    Live through this life
    Until you've had it
    Destroy the future
    Destroy your dreams
    It wasn't worth it​

    The silence hangs and it rings
    What will you do now?
    The darkest thoughts
    No regrets about anything
    What will you do now?
    What will you do now?

    Is life even worth living now?
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    You leave us hanging on this one and I kind of like that. Sometimes a little wondering is a good thing.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      It was actually a reference to someone I knew that dropped out of a college course I'm doing...