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  • Sober

    I got to get out of my house not
    carried out having to live the
    rest of my life with myself
    not wanting drug use keep

    going on I know the choice
    stop or don't I look at me
    and it shows the worlds
    like this and I was on

    the phone needing to get
    high will be right over it has
    progressed from a teen with
    no paranoia stoner to this

    illness alcohol and pills I have
    no closure life has progressed
    to no one only my family and
    friends been clean 10 years

    and that's what I get troubles
    melting away back to myself
    hopefully to be paid gap in
    my work history I am not

    not in the best home
    its right for me

  • #2
    I like the way this meanders - stream of consciousness poetry I call it (don't know if that's a real term). It takes us on a journey and deposits us back without a definitive ending - more of a pause in the action. I wonder what you'll post next???

    Welcome to the Zone!