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  • Gravity

    Gravity ( c ) Glen Mitton 2023

    Between you , me and the " Man in the Moon "
    We have identified these psychotic goons
    The ones who duped and grouped everyone but themselves
    It happens when the " beast" is allowed to delve !
    They have ordered the " smelting " of all the " Loving Spoonful "
    And it's obvious that Their " End Title " game is pitiful

    They've " dropped forged " Their Own , reality check
    Uprooted the " family tree " and poisoned the rest
    These " caustic creatures " figured on the " figs " , to be laced
    And all upcoming " newbie newtons " , will be " defaced "
    " Old MacDonald's farm " ? , is now being " blasted " !
    " E , i , e , i , ouch ! , the " Utter " madness !

    By way of their own " egregious gravitational pull "
    They've ripped the fabric of space/time , using rusty steel wool
    These felonious " cats " are from planet , " I Me Mine "
    And the " skinning " is slotted for Their , " ghost imperial guardianship " of time
    These are the " Fiends " wanting forests cleared along Our , " Highway star "
    Covering Mother Earth with " deep purple " bruises and barren scars

    The " Gravity of Their Actions " is all around , and ironically tasteless !
    So I'm getting this rhyme out fast , I don't want to waste it
    These "doggies " have doubled down on their own line of , " E=MC2 "
    While the rest of Us were being " Razed " , Busted and Bared
    These criminal traitors have slated and " plated " Our Own " Benevolent Orbit
    I say , " Bullocks " too anyone anywhere who wants to destroy it !


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    Oh my, a plethora of playful-sounding (though serious) word-smithing going on here, Glen! Since I live in the country, on a farm (more of a hobby than a livelihood...sadly didn't acquire the skill set for that, yet), the "E, I, e, I ouch!" line was particularly poignant. I'm surprised it wasn't "udder" madness to follow.

    Besides the Rhymezone, do you publish poetry anywhere else? It seems your social commentary would find a good response in like-minded quarters. I have slipped far from the "old-days" when I first started posting work in the Zone (and posted almost daily), but I do have the idea that one-day I'll resume.


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      Thanks for the comment, and I did utterly missed on the udder thing : We all are in trouble if these globalists goons succeed , as far as posting anywhere else I haven't . I hope you and RZ
      don't mind me posting here for now TY glen