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Black Dandelions

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  • Black Dandelions

    They plant the seeds
    Into your mind
    And when the rain comes
    You'll soon come alive
    But the garden of beauty
    Isn't what it seems
    The garden of beauty
    In your mind
    Plagued with disease

    You make a wish
    To change your life
    The way you envisage
    But it's all a lie
    They had sewn the seeds
    Just to make you think
    That there's life after death
    And hope after fear
    But my friend, there's no such thing

    Your mind is forever black and gray
    Live with the curse
    That you brought yourself into

    Your life, forever black and gray
    Live with the curse
    That you were born into

    Burn all that's there
    And see if it's for the best
    You believe the past is gone
    But somehow you can't rest
    Because the memory still lies with you
    That time when you took the poison
    From those that you thought you could trust
    Will always stay with you

    No life, only death
    No hope, only despair and darkness

    Dandelions are a sign of rebirth and wishes as everyone would now (although really for the latter)... this is the opposite of them both.