Lucy the goose was on the loose
Having just escaped from the farm
She only wanted a change
Did not intend any harm

Alas, harm is what Lucy did
To anyone she happened to meet
Well, it is a bit of a shock
To see a goose wander up the high street

Mrs Brown, at the sight of Lucy
I think maybe suffered the most
Too busy staring at Lucy
And walked into a lamppost

Mr Smith fared little better
As he came out of a store
Tripped and fell over Lucy
His shopping all over the floor

Then passing by in their car
Came Mr and Mrs Bond
Spied Lucy and took their eye off the road
And drove straight into a pond

Now, Mr Carmichael was jogging
And, suddenly burst into a sprint
Saw Lucy and ran into Miss Shaw
Who almost choked on a mint

Of all this, Lucy was unaware
As she came up on old Grandpa Black
She gave out a very loud “HONK”
And almost gave him a heart attack

Then Lucy turned to walk back down the street
What she saw filled her with surprise
People lying around, a car in a pond
And a woman with two massive black eyes

“What strange people” Lucy thought
“I am out of my comfort zone,
These people are just too weird for me,
Yes, I think it’s time I went home

Lucy the goose was on the loose
She never really meant any harm
But, everyone back in the high street
Are relieved that she’s back on the farm

©Gary Wayne Hill, 2019​