By day Jack was an ordinary man
Who wouldn’t say boo to a goose
But come the dark of night
Inner demons were let loose

Jack was in church every day
A Christian so devout
But twenty women lay dead by his hands
They’re only the ones known about

No one could ever have known
A Godlier man during the day
Ladies of the night were the hunted
They were Jack’s favourite prey

Some women got lucky and lived
So, of the killer they got a good sight
Always a man smartly dressed in black
Except for a collar of white

What drove Jack to such deeds?
This respected and pleasant guy
This man everybody would turn to
This man who could be you or I

Something must have snapped in his head
He forgot all the lessons he taught
And two days after the twentieth slaying
The serial killer was caught

Was it a case of insanity?
His defence tried to argue so
As Jack preached his very last sermon
While sitting on death row

Jack must have been unstable
Must have been mentally ill
Claiming he did the things he did
Because it was God’s will

Jack was led from his prison cell
Emotionless with grey complexion
Five minutes later he breathed his last
After receiving a lethal injection

Maybe he just wanted the fame
This devil from hell dressed in black
He certainly lives on in infamy
As the killer priest, Black Jack

©Gary Wayne Hill, 2020​