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  • Siren

    The voice of a thousand angels
    So shrill and so clear
    It can captivate
    The minds of the naive

    You come in into our lives
    And sing your gracious song
    With a voice to fall in love with
    But it's also death calling

    The voice of a million young souls
    Crying out together in unison
    A pitch so high though lacking tone
    We are to be graced anyway

    You come in into my life
    Singing your personal melody
    With a voice that I can somehow relate
    But it's also my death calling

    Whenever I hear the sound
    I see my life unfolding in front of me
    You may be a saint
    Or have fallen from grace
    Some centuries ago
    But each time you sing your song
    I see my life collapsing in front of me‚Äč