Bureaucratic Strangle ( c ) Glen Mitton 2023

Take a few steps back and take a deep breath
It is a necessity when dealing with death
Their demonic " crime of poison " , can't be ignored
They've already removed the pins from the hinges on the door

THEIR back door that is ! , Their escape is already planned
A " garnished " getaway to the hillsides across the land
With money forwarded by foreign enemies ready to diverse
These " Acts of Treason " is at the worst !

These demons will be praying and counting on angels
To save them from Justice , in a " Bureaucratic Strangle "
Traitors to this country , the True Enemies of the State
Poisoned us all with vengeance , venturing with hate

Their " Cro " flew the coop early in their " Cro- Magnon " evolution !
Now Satan enjoys their company as servants , dishing out " self solutions "
These Seditious Criminals are flesh and blood just like you and I
We know Who What Where and When , and we've always known Why

We are alive and healthy and ready to continue our " resolve "
Holding Those Responsible Accountable , and Everyone Involved !
A bureaucratic strangle, held fast with felonious skills
Still in end , IT IS corrupt " mortal men " that kills

All of these distractions are " wanted and needed "
With the " pitch " , that everything is cheated
" Pitch " ! , you know ? , that stuff starts fires
These demonic traitors only desire

In defense of Our Loved Ones , Let's take a few moments
To " quantify " the lies of these " unholy opponents "
Fill your heart mind and lungs with the Universal Benevolence
After all they did come to destroy and govern with arrogance