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  • Your Reason

    The soul left behind
    The crime committed
    The hands soaked in blood
    The face so twisted

    Your reason for this
    We won't feel convinced
    Lies rattle through the teeth
    Now count up your sins
    And remain silent
    I don't want to hear another word from you
    You're not of any worth
    I don't want to hear another word from you

    A man standing trial
    And the whole world knows
    The nightmare, this is real
    But your frail defence
    We've heard it all before

    Your reason for this
    Is as empty as yourself
    Judgement is nearing
    Now cry and enjoy hell
    And after the long painful chapter
    We don't want to hear another word from you
    You were born only to kill
    Life in perpetual darkness, the best for you

    No sympathy
    And no one will care
    No sympathy
    And no one shall care
    Not even your empty words
    Or what's left of you

    Your reason for the bloodshed, the awful crime
    Your dark, empty legacy
    No motive, no life‚Äč

    Every crime committed from the present day to many years into the past are always backed with some sort of motive. Anybody that does a crime just because they felt like it isn't going to entertain anyone.