Look at me, as if I'm a delicate child
Hit me hard with all your hatred and spite
Strike me across the face with your heavy words
Make me the victim, make me feel broken inside

Stare at me, as if you want me to die
Cut me up with your sour attitude and lies
Torment me as if I'm the only one that deserves the pain
In the end I will be nothing, you have won this fight

I never wanted to be hated and to feel abused
But this is what I get for disobeying you
You think you can get the best of me
One day I'll get revenge, just you wait and see
(And then I'll see you bleed)

If this how you'll treat me for the rest of my days
You can go on, be a dick, but you will fucking pay
Every time you try to beat the living daylights out of me
One day the demon will emerge from the shell
And shout my insanity‚Äč