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  • singsongy

    these final little strings,
    they keep me locked to a mountain
    I say this all so loud to them:
    standing up against my wall I lean
    a shadow in a pile and then nothing
    I saw the apparition calling all along
    watched the shadows and the lightning
    felt the houses moving
    in the dance -- thought would it last --
    wended around the way
    behind the fork which light barely passes,
    and sat there on the sewer
    as the cloud above passed us
    in the shoes which went everywhere
    so far, the learning I was taught
    and felt from the school
    as tall as the deepest stars would go,--
    higher than the mystic mark,
    and the fallen, ever after, the arrow that went:
    say perfect, you're that complete,
    dark amongst the mysterious wood,
    you're that inanimate, you're that dark.
    eating up the last bit of emptiness,
    wait for the sound as they perform
    the last singing voice will bring me about
    and the last one moving will be found
    let's just see how high the flames
    then the rest of this is my loss
    let me see that they'll all grow so strange,
    so strong beyond the image, Me.
    let them know -- crosses drop --
    then my world came back and then
    my own creation the craft I've found ... then
    I know, then it was and now that it's more --

    hell wouldn't last -- then the old One comes.‚Äč

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    Puts me in mind of a phoenix, rising from the ruins. Journeying, and hope, and all things possible.


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      Thanks for emoting It helps to put nthings into perspective, with my writing peace.