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  • Rain or Shine

    thought Id post this and see what you thought, hope thats ok.

    the story: guy lost his daughter to a killer,
    He built a bench in Her honor where she died
    and they found her body. He would always sit there on that bench..
    They say He died of a broken heart.
    they found him on that bench, passed away. true story, A+E
    I almost got to 2 mins

    Rain or Shine
    v1]He was never one to waste His time,
    but then His whole world disappeared.
    The little girl He loved so much, would never come home again.

    v2]The signs and pictures on the store front doors, have mostly faded
    away, sometimes Her face takes me back
    to Our younger, brighter days.
    Dad came home from work that day
    He was never the same man.
    He sits on a bench He built for His girl... bows His head,
    Rain or Shine..

    All of the love
    will never bring them back again
    you keep a heart wide open,
    love is always going to win.

    v3] Came as no surprise to me
    when We laid him next to Her
    I said a prayer....and said good-bye

    chorus 2
    Dad came home from work that day
    He was never the same man.
    He sat on a bench He built, for his girl...
    bowed His head...Rain or Shine..
    through those years...Rain or Shine..
    Copyright 2022 © Vincent All rights reserved.

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    The death of a child... many/most/all? parents would pray to be allowed to die in their stead. When you see them for the first time and recognize them as "yours." In that moment, everything changes.


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      Beautiful sad song.


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        Really nice melody. You have a great voice! I agree with Alex and D.F., the story is a sad one...sorrow or joy makes for a relatable lyric! Thanks for posting the tune with the lyric - I appreciate being able to hear the entire piece!


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          Thank you all for stopping in and taking a look and listen. short song, it was very hard to much to say and how much to stand on. I tried but that subject is SO hard to write.
          Thanks again and have a great day! Vincent