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The secrets that I keep

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  • The secrets that I keep

    an older poem I wrote on domestic abuse

    The Secrets that I keep

    I am a confident and strong woman
    He worked for his university degree
    We had so many great things in common
    He was my dream and my reality

    He tried to throw me out of the moving car
    The fault was mine, I should have stayed quiet
    He could flirt with every girl at the bar
    My sole purpose was to be compliant

    I didn’t have the strength to walk out the door
    but I mastered every type of apology
    I loved him so much, driven to endure
    His love covered his deep hostility

    My feelings didn’t count, I made him do it
    He said he never laid a hand on me
    It was entirely my fault he threw a fit
    My bruised body told a different story

    These are the shameful secrets that I keep
    My wonderful life is a mystery
    When I lay awake, cry myself to sleep
    I wonder, is this to be my legacy

    By AlexandratheLate

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    Incredible strength you show now...thanks for sharing this message from the "other side" of a bad situation!


    • AlexandratheLate
      AlexandratheLate commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you very much RLW for reading and commenting.

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    Thank you very much TS for reading and the like.