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  • Conscience

    Crucial decisions and legislation
    To shape and change the world
    We dedicate our lives to you
    But we can't think for ourselves

    Urgent measures, let's take action
    Change and shape or burn the world
    We may dedicate our lives to you
    But someone here is pulling the strings

    We make the decision
    Though we let another voice
    Whisper deeply into our heads
    And we blindly accept it as truth
    Discuss and legislate
    Argue for the cause and deliver justice
    But never daring to fight with our conscience
    We are androids controlled against our will
    Never to look back and regret the damage we've just done
    To you all

    The world burns while our eyes remain shut
    We are sorry
    We are sorry
    If we had defied and fought with our conscience
    Would things be different?
    Would you still trust us?​

    When politicians vote on an important matter, they merely go along to what their leader says and therefore too scared to "vote with their conscience". A prime example is when most MSPs in Scotland blindly voted for the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, despite most of them knowing how flawed it was and would've put women's rights at risk (and only a few voted against it, therefore did think of the people despite having to defy the "whip" to do so). Thankfully, it's chance to become law was blocked by the UK Government for that reason.
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    You seem awfully concerned about women’s rights recently. And I appreciate the poem great as always


    • Bry89
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      Yes, I have been actually. Thanks for pointing that out D:

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    This poem reflects on the idea that politicians and lawmakers often prioritize following the directives of their leaders and parties over their own conscience when making crucial decisions and enacting legislation that shapes and changes the world.