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Living in the dark

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  • Living in the dark

    Living in the dark

    No more singing larks
    Even the wild dogs don’t bark
    Daily you feel the silent screams
    muffled by the corporate schemes
    Gone the marshland with cotton grass
    Clean air is covered with poison gas

    Living in the dark
    Toxic Industrial park
    It was a time of broken dreams
    Swimming in polluted streams
    We were standing on splintered glass
    Pondering the end of middle class

    By AlexandratheLate

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    The middle-class was murdered when manufacturing jobs were shipped to Mexico, China etc. What we're now witnessing is its death throes.

    Most don't realize they're walking dead and are using credit cards to attempt to maintain a lifestyle that's no longer possible... hoping it will get better. The CC Co. will raise the interest rates to near 30% once they have been bleed of most of their physical assets and, at that point, they become debt slaves. Many of the people who took out large college loans are already there. And, no, the government doesn't care, no matter what you hear from them.

    Government is "Really" Organized Crime, and the only people they're going to help is themselves. Sure, they'll talk a lot and toss out some "programs" that sound nice but mostly benefit themselves, relatives or close friends.

    For the near future, Thomas Hobbes is ascendant and John Locke (1632-1704) is being relegated to the dusty parts of the bookshelves.

    For those unfamiliar with Mr. Hobbes, his most frequently cited description of life is, ‘Solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short’

    Yeah, I know, Debbie Downer


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      Thank you very much DFR for reading, the like and commenting. I really appreciate it.