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Gravity of Inflation

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  • Gravity of Inflation

    Gravity of inflation

    Half-baked , a cake yet a conundrum
    How to share as the workers strike the drum
    Past to be restored inequity became iniquity
    On track to conflict and disparity
    Kill the golden goose trying to have cake and eat it
    Crumbs that’s all, some banked but now depleted.
    Warmth in hubs, community castles fortify
    Resilience boost, but poverty cannot deny
    Inflation blows up, with gravity will come down
    Still open for business, not yet forgotten town

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    You captured the woes of inflation nicely - so many problems impacting all of us.


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      Thank you AlexandratheLate good to see you here


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        Perhaps, PP, you remember Harold Wilson's 1967 "Of course this doesn't mean the Pound in your pocket" speech when Sterling had to be devalued, and the subsequent wage freeze that limped on through the competing claims of who caused the Wage/Price spiral, through the demoralising Seventies when house and fuel prices doubled as money halved in value, or the 2008 response to the Banking Crisis where banks were saved at public expense. Money looks after money! The moral of the story? Never Trust the Government
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