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  • Indignation

    Anger, it's an expression and a right
    Hatred, it's a style voicing my disgust
    Resist the absurdity of your empty claims
    Oppose the new world order and your ignorance

    I have a voice
    I have a right
    I have a voice to shout and make loud
    I have a right to express the dark feeling inside
    I won't cower
    I won't be silenced
    I'll go against your petty rules and agenda
    I'll shout all my rage and hate until your bloody defeat

    Anger, it's a weapon and a relief
    Violence, through careful words to make them listen
    Manipulated by every lie that you salivate
    Now powered by the hate that you instigate

    Indignation of this world
    It's just a start​

    For those that don't know the meaning of the word used for the title, it is "anger or scorn aroused by something felt to be unfair, unworthy, or wrong".

    By this, it can relate to anything but in my case of politicians/ministers that don't know what they're doing or talking about, even those that push ahead with controversial policies that go against the wishes of the people (and as a prime example from what I've been aware of, this, which later led to the downfall of Scotland's First Minister).

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    Doesn't go
    The way you like.
    In indignation you protest
    And what you hear is "On yer bike!"
    For all your words, the World's a mess
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