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Spoils of winter

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  • Spoils of winter

    Spoils of winter

    Look at you little devil
    Nose pressed hard against
    The pane of a window
    Feeling a spring
    Black and a vagrant
    Can you feel the wind blow?
    With eyes that see nothing
    Legs that crawl stealing
    Perched in my bathroom
    Like some kind of guardian
    Without any base
    Without any ceiling
    But all you want
    Warmth and protection
    Webs of seclusion
    Point the wrong way
    To your finale selection
    I’ll feed so you’ll stay
    Yet wander so freely
    As if you owe nothing
    Nothing to pay
    Until you are found
    Hanging around
    You’re lucky I’m older
    So, so much bolder
    So less afraid
    So less unbound
    I could be lost
    Behind curtains of plastic and silk
    Spanked and then suckle
    Scolded then weened
    Off my mother’s warm milk
    While the tub water flows
    Condensation on the mirrors
    Can’t hide the cold hard lines
    Like the frost on the windows
    The story tells nothing
    Until finished last said
    I know in real life I’m ignored
    Of all that I gave
    All that I’ve bled
    I know in real life
    Ultimately, eventually, eternally
    No matter how hard
    I’ll soon end up dead

    The second

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    Well dead is never what it was before, a poet might conjecture. Thanks for sharing, it was really cool how it spread out in its dimensions!