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The seperation of heaven and hell

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  • The seperation of heaven and hell


    I lost control because of you
    Missed the bridge
    Spent the night in stained pants
    Cold as concrete and iron
    They held myself shameful
    Kept you from me for a time
    But in my mind
    Dreams of a woman and man
    Not at all recognizable
    This house is not as warm as expected
    Little bits of life form in cobwebs
    They make up stories
    Pathetic, thicker than mud
    Unlike dried summer grass strands
    Heaved into the winter furnace
    Not as heavy as coal and snow
    But still the same
    Frost bitten blistered hands
    That shovel is a time piece
    Tears frozen like memories
    Cheeks chapped, winter Tulip
    Ugly slate roof green farmhouse
    Evil played in the yard
    It was so exciting
    Eating mutton off the spit
    Among the monsters of mad men
    Railroad workers cutting through it
    Silence or the bedroom radio
    And their sisters that kept the books
    Contagious with provocative curiosity
    In the old chicken coop
    Only I knew what lay beneath the thin soil
    Of earth and skin
    Broken terracotta labyrinth
    Wild Rosemary drinking from the sling
    The fireflies awake in the moist warm spring
    We ran and flickered like them
    Pretending to smoke the reefer we found
    In the wreaked cars towed to the junk yard
    Under those big fat seats
    Beside the sheep pen
    The lambs that follow the ewe
    Eaten by dogs with gender eyes
    Sleeping in the hollow oak
    The red tick by the driveway
    Jason struck down twice in a night
    In the morning we saved his life
    Then he faded away
    Then I faded away
    Then the rest were cast away
    Rolled away into hell
    Crickets chirped in the safe grass
    But no one was there to hear
    Certainly not to listen
    Only the garbage man came
    Picked up the trash, went home
    Ate dinner fell asleep
    Dreamed of heaven


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    Wow! I read your stuff TS, and there's a gripping pathos in the line by line delivery style you've mastered. As Grant Hayes would say, top drawer!


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      most gracious my rlw i thank you

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    What a path you took us on, down to tiny details so the reader could picture themselves there. I agree with RLW, wow top drawer. Where is Grant Hayes our dear friend?


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      thanks atl for the read and write