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  • Standoff

    An angel treading asphodel,
    Head to head and head to tail
    Reflections in a mirror maze
    In midday sun action stalls
    Around a white panel van
    Violence waits its outcome,

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    I'll admit, I had to look up "asphodel". The sweetness of a daffodil seemed a strange juxtaposition against the last-line threat of violence. I feel a bit stupid asking, but what am I missing?


    • Johntee
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      In Greek myth asphodel flagged the fields of the underworld and was a funeral flower. What appeared to be a standoff but in reality was the Swat team convincing themselves the perpetrator of the Dance Studio massacre had committed suicide before they chanced being blown to Kingdom Come by a bomb in smashing their way into the panel van.
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    Oh my...I didn't even know the story....but now I see a masterfully poetic rendition of a horrific situation.

    You write beautifully! Thank you. And thank you for your indulgence with my ignorance.