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  • Destitution

    This city, once built of gold
    Has been ravaged by the storm
    Lives once flourished for centuries
    We can't feed, nor keep warm

    We stood tall with pride and joy
    But now we're forced onto our knees
    Dreams abandoned against our will
    No future at all, only darkness to see

    We had never imagined this
    To see everything razed to the ground
    Regarding this, I want to know why
    It has to be us but no answer will sound

    I already miss the life that once was
    Endlessly, we live these days of sorrow
    Empty words between us won't make it better
    God knows what will happen tomorrow

    A world destroyed
    A life in ruin
    A reality which hurts to embrace
    That we now live in destitution

    If things can mend in a hundred days
    We don't expect to be happy again
    The tragedy has scarred our minds so deeply
    Our lives, our futures, will never be the same again​