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  • fail

    i am sorry
    that i failed you so bad
    i let you slip
    out of my clumsy hands
    you won't forgive me now
    you have no plans
    to understand
    or make up and be friends

    your life
    is just a distant rumor now
    a dinner conversation
    like the wars
    the news of battles
    fought and lost somehow
    in winces, blinked back tears,
    and trails of scars

    i'm sorry that i slipped
    and broke your nail
    mistook the grip of adolescent love
    for teenage sloth
    - you didn't think to tell me
    or - i didn't hear
    the nature of your call
    - i wish that you had tried again -
    instead of this
    - it feels like revenge
    or even worse,
    detached indifference

    again i'm sorry -
    but the time is gone
    i can't undo it now -
    it is the cross i bear.
    you are my daughter and my son
    my pride my shame
    my failure and my loss

    i hear that you got married
    to someone you met
    in lithuania in school
    in yiddish classes
    that you took for fun
    and now you're studying
    to be a jew

    i thought that you
    would be
    not take a wife
    i thought you were a girl
    but i was wrong
    i'm proud to say
    you are my son
    with rife apologies
    to make and pass along

    i find it strange
    to think my christian girl
    has grown into a jewish man -
    it's weird to see
    you shave your head
    and not to curl your hair.
    it's strange
    to see you grow a beard

    i hope you know
    whatever you become
    i love you and
    you're always welcome here
    i'll always be
    where you are coming from
    however far you go
    i'll meet you there


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    You really described the love of a parent no matter what your child chooses in life. Beautifully said.


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      thank you, i blush


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        Quite a journey you penned here, dear poet. I agree with AtL...parental love sustained in heart-felt verse! I think that keeping doors open is one of the greatest gifts we give to our children. Blessings!