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    solace found on sorrows climb
    open your heart lest you be devoured
    monsters fire and the air grows soured
    escape get your head above water you have no time
    oceans are rising and you wont progress
    now i must leave your unless
    everyone drowns together

    cherished memories washed ashore
    a hell we find ourselves in once more
    repent repent lest i not be forgiven
    exalt the lord just quit your sinnin
    save you be broken too

    Note: I'm not big on religion I went a lot when I was younger and from the age of maybe 11 Id have the same dream over and over (occasionally even now) where its stormy everywhere is flooded and there are just pillars of rock and i'm trying to climb screaming at myself too but frozen still my old (now deceased) friend with hands torn and bruised tried to help me up until the water swallowed me whole just a lil background that dreams inspired a good amount of what i wright anyway Hope you enjoyed