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  • Depression

    Behind my eyes I feel lost with darkness Pain crossed with hardship leaves me cross and heartless
    Problems are forever starting
    Pain is never leaving
    I'll leave this letter bleeding through each and every meaning
    seems like every breath I'm breathing I'm fighting and stressing
    So why do I feel excited and pressured with this frightening aggression
    For my last confession I wanna grip tight to a weapon and end this life of depression
    Hope is like an obsession
    That'll never be seen
    Breathless and weak
    Shit maybe God has a hard lesson for me
    In my dreams the wind will carry my death in it's breeze
    You see The lesson is brief
    I'm on a coward's path
    feeling like I got a grain of sand in life's hour glass
    Falling downward fast
    Trying not to give up
    But when shit keeps hitting the fan it's hard to keep your head up
    Still wondering if I have the courage to let the lead bust
    A question my Conscious hasnt fled from
    But honestly it's haunting me
    Causing harm to me
    Wake up wondering wtf is wrong with me
    Loved ones leave and now their on to me
    Dawn spawns appauling me
    Leaving me confused in the least
    cause suicide guarantees crimson clouds and a beast
    I've paid my dues in relief that I'd never lose in defeat
    Please help me im losing my speech
    On my knees Praying for death from a God of Peace

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    wow. i hope this is more art than journal. it certainly lives up to the title. there will be better days ahead. powerful poetry.


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      I don't think their's a soul alive that don't suffer from depression my way of beating it is getting angry with myself, I also learned years back writing words made me see and read my anger and then later in the past recorded what I wrote so I could hear it and see it and later how to lay it out I hope you understand, really good but give the reader a time to breathe because the way you have it laid out to me is one long read if you know what I mean, thanks and continue to write your anger


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        It does help to get things out on paper sometimes...also lets you know you're really not as alone as you may feel as so many express similar sentiment. The Zone is good like that...we can usually find someone to "get us" as we spill word onto the page.


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          Powerful topic and like others I hope you are not feeling like this all the time. I was drawn to the following lines:
          "I'm on a coward's path
          feeling like I got a grain of sand in life's hour glass
          Falling downward fast​"
          Was wondering if they meant you only had one grain of sand left in your hour glass or if you meant you feel like a grain of sand in the hour glass? Either way the visual is strong.


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            Very powerful in your description of depression and hopelessness.