We are in crisis
Don't you know?
We are at war
With each other
Don't you know?

You hide your face
Avoiding attention
You look away
Pretend it's all nothing
You're lost in fiction

Life in the midst of chaos
Will we live or die?
No money to feed
No hope ahead of us
Will we live or die?

You have betrayed us
When we were meant to trust you
You have lost the plot
Not caring at all
As if it doesn't concern you

When there are times of hardship
You leave us to struggle alone
In the cold
Out of sight
Out of touch

When the nation cries for freedom
You leave us to dwell in our misery
Detached from reality
Out of sight
Out of touch
Out of your mind​

Eyes of honesty
Is nothing more than a front
The supposed look of decency
A crook on the run

We'll get through this
Even though you're not helping
But when all of us die
Against our will and our wishes
Will you still be smiling?

It seems that Rishi Sunak is doing sweet fuck-all about the current cost-of-living crisis gripping the UK, and has been branded "out of touch" several times by people and the media (and even when he was Chancellor). Not the first time I wrote about him though...