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The Robins Song

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  • The Robins Song

    The Robin’s Song

    Upon a branch above the harbour
    Robin rests during winters ardour
    Shivers as he braces for cold wind’s chill
    Hunger pangs call for stomach to fill

    His voice silent he hears two feet trudge
    Shuffling closer, struggling he adjudges
    He looks down on the forlorn figure
    Lost and alone and without vigour.

    He calls out to her with his birdsong
    Puffs out his red breast he sings so strong
    She stops, looks up and then she listens
    Calm harmony from rendition

    He hops from the branch to the next tree
    Continues to sound his melody
    Entranced she follows he leads her on
    From tree to tree he flutters along

    He leads to a hall. Port in a storm
    Lights inside are on, maybe its warm
    On the door a welcome to the hub
    Open to all says come join our club

    Robin flies past as the door ajar
    Haven of hope, she has walked so far
    Sits at a table offered a meal
    No charge she’s told that is the deal

    A Christmas meal for anyone alone
    Heats up her heart and even her bones
    Eats her dinner, the Robin alights
    On the table sings to much delight

    Crumbs of kindness fill his appetite
    Warm and satisfied time to take flight
    She watches with a smile given the scope
    By a bird’s voice led to haven of hope.

    Merry Christmas

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    I think this is what poetry and lyrics is all about we are not alone, a few years back I was power hosing the patio and a little robin landed on the ground and follow me around, the noise didn't seem to scare, I don't know who enjoy it the most me or the robin, lovely poem thanks​


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      Thank you Sureme for your kind words


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        Thanks for this Jon....truly brings home the meaning of what I like to think of for this season. I'm a bit late getting to posting...Happy New Year already!


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          Happy New Year RLW