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    Lonely is the night
    When darkness takes hold
    Day brought no joy, no respite
    Only sadness, even deeper the cold

    Once I had friends, who filled my life with light
    I shared love, joy and laughter
    But that has now all faded to night

    I can feel a chill in my soul
    Weeping for moments that never will come
    The darkness brings such emptiness, an eerie toll
    For what has been and what could be, I simply succumb

    Where I once shared laughter, now all is silent
    The companions I once knew, now are distant ghosts
    My screams of loneliness sound no one, so violent
    A half neglected heart now beats in this darkest on of hosts

    Alas, I know how it feels to be so deeply alone
    My heart keeps on beating, hoping for brighter days
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