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    o star o star that fills the dark
    o candle in this barn
    o cradle in this storm
    o star within each manger heart
    bring light upon this Christmas morn

    o light o light within this night
    o promise taken form
    love's beauty being born
    o acolight of heaven bright
    bring light upon this christmas morn

    the hearts of all men are
    like barns the beds of beasts
    yet swaddled in each manger heart
    the shining star of peace

    o loving light to thee we pray
    o flesh without a flaw
    upon a throne of straw
    o halo shining in the hay
    bring peace upon this Chistmas day
    (bring peace on earth on Chistmas day)


    rejoice rejoice raise every voice
    reclaim the soul's release
    proclaim the name of peace
    from balcony to alleyway
    bring peace upon this Christmas day

    when power crushes knees to earth
    when lies have worked their way
    deformed the dna
    the manger heart still brings rebirth
    and peace upon this Christmas day

    though fear that cloaked the stars
    rains terror from above
    the manger heart still holds the spark
    of endless peace and love

    when dark and trouble churns
    and hope and love have ceased
    within the manger heart still burns
    the promised star of peace

    o love o love o soaring dove
    with wings above the wind
    unleashed undisciplined
    o love we cannot disobey
    bring peace upon this Christmas day

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    there is an updated link that works better, but it's very long and has been marked as suspicious pending review
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      the link may take you to a list that was imposed by soundcloud, not me. in that list is a track "manger heart". that is the only one i had anything to do with. it is the actual song up to the horizontal line above. sorry for the awkwardness. my soundcloud name is daisysdad-1 '


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          Really nice happy new year


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            A Christian view of Christmas Excised of profit's vice
            Less getting, more
            Giving. The seer
            ​​​​​​​Will pay the price