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To dance on someone’s grave

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  • To dance on someone’s grave

    Hi folks,

    I’m developing a lyric for a song and would like to have some help, feedback, ideas…
    The lyric is about war… Plenty of words that I'm not happy that can be changed.
    Kind of epic style song with a strong beat.

    The pace/metric of the lyric is tied with the song but can be adjusted if the singer doesn’t bring it to life 😊
    To make easier to understand the mood of the lyrics/song I attached the demo in the link bellow. (It's just a demo)
    Lyrics starts at 27’’ and there’s a violin doing a basic guide for the vocal line.
    Ah, yes, I used a Beethoven sonata to make it.
    Thanks heaps.

    Link for the song: m_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=so cial_sharing

    To dance on someone’s grave - Lyrics:

    Verse 1: 00: 27’’
    My world
    My land
    My ocean and my sand
    My forest
    Would die in your hands
    My truth
    My zest
    My glory from the past
    God bless
    We will fight your army
    till last

    Chorus 1: 00:59’’
    Your pride
    My reign
    Your war
    In vain
    Your power
    My strain
    My people
    Your pain

    Verse 2: 1:17’’
    True culture
    Pure faith
    Will clash with your hate
    Your greediness
    Will bring you disgrace
    My freedom
    My state
    No one can replace
    You’ll see
    Will bring to your knees

    Chorus 2: 1:48’’
    Your pride
    My reign
    Your war
    In vain
    Your power
    My strain
    My people
    Your pain
    My heart
    Your blade
    My soul
    Your raid
    My blood
    Your fight
    Won’t fade
    My light

    End: 2:23’’
    In the blood-soaked field
    I could see it from my shield
    The devil can be real

    In the darkness you can pray
    To survive another day
    Or to dance on someone’s grave

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    Hi there, definitely epic style and vocals I'm hearing operatic can you post your lyrics on soundcloud would be easier to have it all on one site if you know what I mean, at the moment for me your lyrics seem to be all ''my'' ''your'' have you any vocal recording on this I always find listening back on recording can be a great help on putting a song together, no doubt about it you have something really good here


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      Hi Sureme, I just put the lyrics on SoundCloud.
      I know where the vocals goes (basically following the violin) but I'm a horrible singer and would like to send the lyrics ready for whoever will sing, yes, you are right, maybe operatic style.
      For sure don't like the repetition of the you and my too, but as the idea was short lines it was an option but again it can be replaced.
      I'm considering even create a different vocal melody then all the lyrics would be adjusted if this version don't turn out good.
      Thank you very much.


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        Okay first few lines what I'm hearing is
        My world my land my ocean my sand
        My forest
        Dying In your hands​


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          Have an idea maybe roots like bones coming alive then hit those drums