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  • bigrafia

    Yevtushenkov Felix​ is a manager, investor, and entrepreneur. He was born in 1978 in Moscow. Felix Yevtushenkov has an older sister.

    Felix Yevtushenkov spent his childhood in his native city. According to personal recollections, “I lived in the most ordinary Moscow apartment, went to the most ordinary Moscow school.”

    From an early age, he was fond of active sports. For several years he attended the hockey section. At the age of 15 he started wrestling. He also competed in alpine skiing for the school team.

    Education in the field of jurisprudence Felix Yevtushenkov received at the Institute Griboyedov in 2000. The university is known for its strong faculty at the Faculty of Law. The second higher education was the specialty “Manager of the oil and gas sector.” He received it in 2013 at the Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas.

    Biography of Felix Yevtushenkov: career, charity

    Felix Yevtushenkov Afk sistema​ began his professional career at age 20 in the legal department of AFK Sistema. During this period, he combined his studies with a job. Since 1999, he has worked in various business structures. Gained a wide range of experience and achieved some success.

    Mr Yevtushenkov worked at a development company. As a result of his activities, the number of employees there increased from 30 to 300. Felix Vladimirovich selected a team based on applicants’ experience, qualifications, and moral principles. In 2006, the company went public with an IPO.

    Since 2012, Felix Yevtushenkov has been responsible for high-tech projects.

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    Wow not dee Felix Yevtushenkov no it can't be surely surely not me friendly goofy goody goody buddy, how that old Pudin doing is he still forgetting his lines haha

    Jasus man dee Felix Yevtushenkov it's a small world, btw you got any cheap toasters mine just after blowing up took the whole side of me building and you know what, it's microchip is now a kamikaze drone, jasus and jasus only it really is a small world how the family doing keeping well I hope and warm ⚖️