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  • Living Blood

    Runs through the veins of the many
    Doesn't care for the minority
    We are the invisible, the mockery
    None of us want to suffer
    We just want to live free

    Cruelty is all that they have known
    Tyranny is their mindless sense of fun
    Beating us severely with no reason
    Disregarding our skin and our tears
    But after all, we are living blood
    Unlike those that think they are the mighty
    We are living blood

    Kick me at the side
    Throw me against the wall
    Spit at my fucking face
    But one day you will fall
    Is this how we are to be viewed
    Or are we just an ugly face?
    Ignorance seems to be the new way of life
    The ones that must be punished for their actions
    Are the ones that were born out of disgrace​

    Solely based on AI-generated artwork I made yesterday (including the text beneath it), which also makes a good album cover if this were a song.


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    This would make a superb rap. Well Done


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      Maybe to you, but I had heavy rock/industrial in mind.

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    why do i feel like killing something? is this a christmas poem? you've kind of inspired me.

    christmas dinner

    up on my roof i heard a herd of deer
    and some fat bastard looking down the flue
    i pulled my 12 gauge out, my shot was clear
    i dropped a couple and the burglar too

    the rest jumped off the roof and flew away
    i was surprised to see that they could fly
    and that behind their tails they pulled a sleigh
    but on my roof, they let the dead crook lie

    i climbed up to the roof to view my kill
    and field dress the bodies of the bucks
    i let the blood run off the roof and spill
    into the gutters, but what really sucks

    is getting burglar bodies down from here.
    it's so much easier with steaks of deer.​


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      Originally posted by victor View Post
      is this a christmas poem?​
      Absolutely not.


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        I agree definitely rap but for rap it might be to short, second verse for me is chorus


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          Wow Bry89! Darkly explosive...!

          I'd never even heard of AI generated artwork before this post, much less (knowingly) seen an example....always learning something new from other poets in the Zone.