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  • Insects

    They are crawling all over my body
    I wish I was hallucinating it
    Silently sucking my blood
    Leaving me diseased from within

    They exist without sight and sound
    I wish it was all in my head
    What they are here for, I'll never know
    But because of them, I beg for death

    They take my blood even through the night
    I wish for once I can live without fear
    Try to self-immolate, drown myself in chemicals
    But still, I am never free

    They crawl and to no end
    Don't try to say that I'm the unlucky one
    As they feast onto my skin, injecting their poison
    The unwilling host, that's what I've become

    Every time that I breathe
    They are here
    Every time that I move
    They are here
    Every time that I try to sleep
    They are here
    And every time I try to live
    They are here
    The insects of my nightmares

    Sterilise, cleanse every aspect of me
    Up and below, feel these little bastards burn
    Even if I am free from their endless torture
    Who knows when they will return?‚Äč

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    Not to put too fine a point on it...but this one did make me squirm a bit. Ever since we moved to the country I've been seeing/learning about new insects (the real kind - some beneficial to the earth, so I need to know which ones to keep around). Let's just say it's a pretty steep and not always cherished learning curve for me.

    I know that might not have been the real subject matter of your piece...but it was how I related. Hope that's OK.