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  • Mirror Mirror

    WARNING- This is both a work of fiction in no way and/or form real please treat it as such

    S.S, sunk in eyes
    Mirror mirror I despise
    Shown be breaking have no clue
    help me get better again for you
    I need your touch need your love
    you don't need me but you're from above
    so, show me in your warped reflection
    what must i do for your affection
    any depth I'll swim any mountain I'll climb
    Just give me a place and a time

    Mirror mirror don't make me go
    Please at least let me know
    what i must do for but a glance
    Let me do a suicidal dance
    do so for but a touch of your hand
    let our heads be in the clouds never need to land

    Let me jump my last jump and fall to your embrace
    Tie my last knot or be saved by your grace
    shoot my shot and explode with love
    I just hope that i'll see you with me up above