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I Was Sitting In Me Local

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  • I Was Sitting In Me Local

    One night long ago I was sitting in me local enjoying the second half of me nice cool pint of stout when at one end of the bar poems spoke words of poetry and at the other end lyrics sang words of song, but then in contest they got louder and louder, there was only one thing to do I finish me second half and jumped onto the bar and did me riverdance routine and on each side of me poems and lyrics jumps up and joins me as we sang dance and flow across a river of beer with freedom in our hearts.

    The following day I woke up with the most enjoyable hangover ever and as sweet Mary would say ''Those were the days my friends we thought they'd never end, we'd sing and dance forever and a day, we'd live the life we choose we'd fight and never lose, those were the days, oh yes, those were the days''

    Ah yes a night I will always remember, poetry in motion with music and songs on that special night and just to let you all know poems and lyrics moved in together after that wonderful moment and I do believe they are still living happily ever after, all say ''ahhhh''‚Äč