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  • Cradle


    The babe the boat and life
    Some things we will remember
    Others we will pretend to forget
    Cruel words and actions of embarrassment
    Forgive me as I learn to walk
    Crawling from the frame
    We believe we possess the future
    Only in our minds
    Strength of the heart can be snuffed in a second
    Passion or lack all are revisited
    Fading visions of the frame
    Reaching away from a shore
    Away from a sturdy and steady rock
    Into an ocean or sea of uncertainty
    Let my hand be known
    May it be said I was a good man
    A strong man
    A loving man
    And the memory of me for my children
    For their children
    All the good mothers and fathers before me
    As of for now this earth is all I know
    The saying goes
    Cradle to the grave
    But I say cradle to the cradle
    With the strength of righteousness
    Slay all the evil that evil does crave
    Live by grace
    Only grace can save

    The second

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    This has a sweeping, epic feel to it - another beautiful piece, TS.