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    Now I can rest easy folks , I got one of my favorite actors of all time Larry Storch ( Cpl. Agarn ) of the TV show F Troop in one of my poems . He was 99 when he passed , enjoy

    Remake or Retake ( c ) Glen Mitton 2022

    Everyone is headed to their " theater " of choice
    Some are there to " Boo " loudly , others hoping to rejoice
    Out in the lobby in between the stretched " velvet ropes "
    Are the " star gazing " dreamers standing there with the mopes
    The " GMO " popcorn is covered with stuff even God says , " I can't believe it "
    Yet , with all the backlash backwash the brainwashed think it's a hit
    All the uniformed ushers are no where in sight
    They're up in the balcony with Tony and Oscar tonight
    The " SRO " signs are broken , and they're jammed in the aisles
    Corporate is smiling , while the Fire Marshall's are in denial
    The matinee sign outside is broken and barely shines
    The movie posters are torn down and replaced with propaganda lies
    Everybody now knows , that the " casting couch " is real
    That if you're going to " make it " , you have to have some appeal
    What gets my " craw " is what could of , would of , should of " might of been "
    If some of those people weren't so greedy to give in to the sin
    We might of seen " Larry Storch " as " Stanley " in , A Street Car Named Desire
    Or others who might of been better for other parts , but DIDN'T get hired
    Now I'm not implying anything at this moment in time
    This is just my opinion , and I'm just trying to rhyme , but !

    The big guy seated next to me kinda of made me nervous
    I know that during the show , he'd do us all a disservice
    I sized him up pretty quickly , I knew his " modus vivendi "
    The coming attractions weren't even thru yet ! , and his jumbo drink was half empty !
    I was excited when all the lights started to dim
    It was in anticipation for tonight's show to begin
    Then I realized something about tonight's scheduled event
    They were to cut the power off at 7:30 sharp ! , thanks Mr. President
    Before that big " house curtain " went up , back in my day
    An organ player played on stage keeping us at bay
    And if someone was talking during , you'd get a flashlight in your face
    What goes on nowadays is more of a disgrace
    I love modern science , but sometimes it blows
    Right when the " killer is named , you might hear stylish " ring-tone " and a hello !
    I pray that the " 20th Century Fox " logo everyone has come to love
    Is not a " futuristic snapshot " of them searching for incoming planes up above
    Today's radical audience member is wanting to see more " Helter Skelter "
    I'm just glad my local " Kabuki " theater , is a designated " Fallout Shelter " !
    The " Hollywood " sign was originally a bill board advertisement ( Hollywoodland 1923 )
    This " ticket holder " is sad to think , it's STILL a " Wanted " Ad for our OWN Disfranchisement

    - Overture Music -‚Äč