a world with a focus on pain
then we cheer at the pointless again
we claim we stand for change
dose no one find it a little strange

you may say or think the problems faided
but in truth it just learned how to hide
we aren't better than those before us
and those after are no better a truss

I live in a world where to cry
for me a man id much rather die
I live in a world a woman means less
and is hated for things stupid as dress
a place where religion is a pissing contest
"listen to us because we not best"

I live in a world with hypocritical rule
a world to trust you'd have to be a fool
a world where money justifies the deaths of millions
a world where the white elites say "trust the williams"
trust the smiths the james and johns

suppress the minority and the disabled
a world where hate is openly enabled

i'm sick of pretending i don't see
the way no one is truely free


Weird Rant

the blacks suppressed
the women undressed
the disabled beat black and blue
the white elites ahead "let that ring true"
the fact color even matters is fucked
last week i bribed a judge "WHY IS IT ALL SO CORRUPT"
i'm going insain watching us all fall apart
my apathetic ass even has more of a heart
what can we do but sit back and watch
so in the corner i'll sit sipping on scotch

Notes: for the record i'm just like super super ummmmm well i have this thing where i couldn't care less what anyone really thinks and i tend to say things that piss people off so sorry not sorry no offence to anyone its not like any one race is full of saints i'm just callin out whites (rich whites)