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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    True...all true...nothing new under the sun. Still hope endures as long as there is breath (or pen or keypad) to sound a call!

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  • Glen MItton
    started a topic From There to Here

    From There to Here

    From There to Here ( c ) Glen Mitton 2022

    I was 17 in '76 , I was ready for some independence , who knew ?
    I was " the force " to be reckon with , the very next year
    There I was right in the middle of it , when Rock&Roll took a hit
    but the last thing on my mind was fear

    Then I had to come to terms , with the big 'ol world of little germs
    " Shazbot ! " , that was the 80's , " in somebody else's Nutshell " !
    Why now ? I asked the Lord in prayer , this seems to be a real game changer
    but the last thing on my mind was fear

    As we raced towards the New Millennium getting closer to that " interstellar medium "
    " Nirvana ! " , Rock&Roll was coming along for the ride
    Then the computer scene hit the streets , it was a monumental feat
    Being " plugged in " ? , what's there to fear ?

    When 2001 came around , we watched the "Odyssey " all come down , who knew ?
    " Hal " not our pal ! , was really " Honing in " on our Freedoms back at Home !
    But hey , " He's " just there to help calculate , right ? , he's not there to decimate our might
    Again , the last thing on my mind was fear

    2010 saw the " brazen conscience forfeiture " , Again ! , we assaulted Mother Nature
    How many " Horizons " does one get ? , reaching into the depths of Hell ?
    Mr. Stanley is esteemed in up heaven , because of HIS " alternate " invention
    Water and it's " True Essence " is what these demons fear

    Here now in " OUR " roaring 20's , when " space travel " should be basic
    Oh No ! , instead they're playing " Chicken Kiev " with nuclear weapons
    These demonic grave diggers have a job to do , and that's to bury me and you
    My " staff " and I will be in the valley with our friend Rod

    I am coming to the sad conclusion , my patriotic discourse is for my own amusement
    But I'll be there on the battlefield to pick up the Flag !
    They've misjudged me as a lazy loyal servant , in their " bumbling " evil effervescence
    Never to surrender ! , I'll be the " prick " bursting their bubbles

    Our " epitaph" has Yet to be inscribed , let's hope it's not " permanently " proscribed !
    By a rush of passing electrons in a flaming flash of ignorance
    Here I am decades later , finding out evil's nothing new or clever
    And that is Independently clear !