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Who Dares the Font

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  • AlexandratheLate
    Interesting piece - I enjoyed it

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Your versing is clever...and the nature of this piece, in making important points about censorship, turns many enjoyable phrases!

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  • Glen MItton
    started a topic Who Dares the Font

    Who Dares the Font

    Who Dares the Font ( c ) Glen Mitton 2022

    We interrupt today's program , Getting from A to Z
    We now go to GW , who is our man on the scene
    Hello GW , can you tell us ? , is " Z " still a possibility ?
    Thank you Ian and yes ! , they have assured me and confirmed from their source
    Our revolution around Our Sun IS Still on Course , and as far as you can tell
    Our rotation on Our own axis is doing as well , Back to you

    GW , have you any word out in the field about the cancellation of the letter Z ?
    Yes we have , it seems someone's P's and Q's have been ruffled !
    Now they want our friend " Zed " and others Muffled , Ian as we speak
    Some ABC's are starting to speak , saying IT IS quite simple to have something erased !
    However the DEF's are putting up some resistance for show , just in good tatse ! , Back to you

    Thank you GW , make no mistake , Here at WTF and our readers know this is no Mirage
    Forget those 4 lettered words for now , We Are in fact under a " 3 lettered " barrage !
    The EN's and the Em's are being pressed and have no coma's at this time
    Doctors and Reknowned Childrens Book Authors and associates also think this is a crime

    The CPP/WSS are weighing in , ( Crossword /Word Search /Scrabble People )
    Asking what's next on the Horzizon Houston ? , cutting off GIN !
    Who are these people , and who do they think they can " emboss " ?
    With their mighty pens and pencils , happy to crisscross off

    Anything that moves , or Anyone who Dares the FONT
    Maybe this too , was foreshadowed in Ezekiel's haunt !
    The IOU's are being collected at record pace
    While the Alpha's and Omega's try to save face

    What does that say , when others elect to " Demand the Delete Button " ?
    When the EF's and PF's and Puffed Up Chests try to underscore their Glutton
    As we wonder what is the next " character " to get a " number" on it's back ?
    WE , the U's and I's categorically and alphabetically welcome Z to the attack !