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May the farce be with you(In Liz we Truss)

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  • May the farce be with you(In Liz we Truss)

    I won’t fail you I am not afraid
    Vows the new Conservative maid
    As the farce awakens
    Who will save their bacon

    Tax cut with a light sabre
    Wielded by Truss neighbour
    The bank of England buys back
    Into the red out of the black

    But the farce is strong on this one
    Will phantom menace soon be gone
    Kwasi the chancellor goes solo
    Uturns through door he goes

    DarthMog drains our energy
    A plan that we never see
    Jacobs crackers no good craic
    Beware the vampire strikes back

    A new hope return of rogue one
    First order but still on the run
    Jabber the Hunt alias Jeremy
    Calm the markets maybe we shall see

    A rebel alliance gets together
    Attack of Keir clones depends on whether
    Rishi rises and he has no needs for a Truss
    Sunak skywalker throws her under the bus

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    It's everywhere, isn't it? We look for strong, confident, fair, honest leadership...perhaps looking more to ourselves would yield better results? Hang in there, Jon.


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      I think the party of commonsense are long overdo a chance to run the country but see no prospect of it happening. Maybe i should stand. Or maybe I should sit down who knows