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  • Incapable

    Trying your hardest
    When you've already fallen
    The weakest endeavour
    You'll be forgotten

    When the hand controls the switch
    Everything goes in reverse
    We witness the damage
    That can never be undone
    You are insane, you are the worst

    Trying to be the one
    When you represent nothing
    The delusion to stay forever
    Your chances take a crushing

    Whenever things go wrong
    You are to bear the blame
    Not fit to lead government or country
    Instead you take us all to the fire
    Electing you was a fatal mistake

    Ignorant to your own actions
    Surely this would be the end of you
    Incapable from the very first day
    Surely this will be the last we see of you​


    Liz Truss... worst ever Prime Minister Britain has ever seen.

    I'm bloody glad she has resigned, even though I saw it coming from only just a month ago.

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    We look for good leaders around the globe, don't we? Another great commentary on the times, brought to you in the Zone.