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Us and leaves

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  • Us and leaves

    Us and leaves

    Fallen leaves to powder
    Ground by the road
    Under the tire
    Others land gentle
    Racked for the pyre

    Some float bye
    Like jagged balloons
    The green of summer
    Has fallen to ruins

    Some hold fast
    To the long reaching branch
    Where never the same
    Shadow be cast

    Stained the shade of coco
    The weight of ice
    Forces most of the tardy
    To fatally let go

    We are not like leaves
    We fall in the darkness of sin
    They fall by the grace of god
    In the light the night off the limb
    Seasons changing them
    Outside and in

    Comes the shorter day
    Comes the deeper gray
    Yes where I am
    Leaves need not pray
    But like them
    We’ll turn over again and again
    I think we all say

    Why are we born?
    Into chaos and crime
    The bud of the branch
    Shows then falls in its time
    We grow and fall
    With no reason or rhyme
    shunned from a tree of truth
    We all wish to climb

    The second

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    It's all in the journeying, isn't it? This is beautiful!

    From branch to ground, by waft or wind
    we, carried past our ache-worn hearts
    seek mercy, grace, amid each blast
    to fall, to die
    rebirth awaits.

    Very lovely, indeed, TS! Thank you!


    • The second
      The second commented
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      thank you so much for the comment I apologize because for so many people the fall is their fav season but for me depression is a culprit

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    I enjoyed the comparison of leaves falling headed for winter to human life so fragile and short. Very well done.


    • The second
      The second commented
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      thank you atl and all that comment on my words